Thursday, 7 October 2010

Vintage Motor Sport Magazine, c.1959

A bit of a departure from my previous two posts in this blog, where I move away from the world of Cult TV paperbacks and into the realm of vintage Motor Sport magazines. Those of you eagerly anticipating more Cult TV will have to wait a while ... but not too long ... and hopefully the same sort of mindset that draws you to Cult TV will also endear you to these magazines. Everything from the pictures of the old cars, to the vintage advertisements gives a fascinating insight into a world which, although not especially old, has changed beyond recognition.

Front cover of Motor Sport Magazine, March 1959

The Three Graces

Advertisement from the March 1959 edition of Motor Sport magazine for Ford, showing 'The Three Graces' of the Ford Consul, the Ford Zephyr and the Ford Zodiac. Proudly claiming Ford to be Britain's biggest exporter of cars, trucks and tractors.

 Back cover of Motor Sport Magazine, March 1959

Showing an advert for Lucas motoring essentials, inviting you to 'Greet the Spring' with items such as a dipping mirror, am  ignition coil, and an  electric screenjet.

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  1. There's an enthusiast in our village, who drives a beautifully restored Ford Zodiac. Nice post.

  2. I always wanted a Morris Minor or a Nash Metropolitan, but instead I drive a sensible modern car with airbags. These Fords are also very appealing.

  3. I had an opportunity to visit the antique motor museum at Beaulieu in Southampton a number of years ago. I like the vintage Jags, myself.

    My husband loves vintage motorcycles and as he is descended from a Dane, the "Nimbus" is one would both love to own.


  4. P.S. Just checked your profile and I see you're a fan of J.G. Ballard. I've only read "Drowned World", but I thought it was fantastic!

  5. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    As far as J.G.Ballard goes, I have read Empire of the Sun, The Kindness of Women, Super-Cannes, Concrete Island, Kingdom Come, Millennium People and Cocaine Nights. All are very good in their own way, but some of the later novels do come across a bit repetitive.

    My favourites are probably Concrete Island and Empire of the Sun, for very different reasons. I've yet to read Atrocity Exhibition or Crash, both of which seem to be regarded as classics.

    One thing that really interested me when I started out with J.G.Ballard was that a lot of the music I like from the late 1970's, UK "post punk" era (Joy Division, John Foxx, etc.) quote him as an inspiration ... in fact there is a Joy Division track called Atrocity Exhibition, form their 2nd album "Closer".

  6. I've never heard of those models of Ford, though in my teens I knew a lot about cars (access to a sporty car being a prerequisite for a steady boyfriend). When I looked at the cover, I was surprised it was from the late 50s. I would have guessed much earlier.

  7. I adore that little car on the cover of Motor Sport - don't know what kind it is, though. I am surprised to see the VW van in the background of that photo. I didn't know they were around in 1959.

  8. "Motor Sport" used to be a regular feature in my family's house when i was a kid.My Brother used to be a subscriber.
    It's still around ?with a very similiar cover?

  9. My first car was a '50 Ford. This was in 1957. I got stopped by the police the very first time I went out cruising with a carload of my younger brother's friends. It had just started to get dark and I hadn't turned on my lights. I think he really stopped me because I looked too young to be driving.

  10. Thanks for all the comments - I have a few other issues of this magazine so will try and get another blog post uploaded this week on the same subject.

    PS. Nancy - I think the van in the background may be a Commer van rather than a VW van.

  11. well with everything the company has been through, it was reported recently FORD was the manufacturer doing the best in my part of the world. i guess OBAMA's incentives and FORD's new management did the trick here. nice to see some things endure.

  12. The amazing thing is that all those adverts seem to be from such a long, long time ago and yet they are younger than me. Which is the same as saying that I am older than them. Which makes me feel very old all of a sudden.

  13. I was nine years old at the time and I have never heard of these Ford models. I will have to look into them more.


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