Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sepia Saturday 158 ... i-Spy

Firstly a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and welcome to my first vintage books and magazines blog post of 2013. Although this blog post is an entry for the current Sepia Saturday, I am not theming this week. Instead I have selected a few pictures from one of a small collection of I-SPY books I picked up when I was Christmas shopping a few weeks ago. I remember having several of these as a kid but alas they are long gone. For anyone not familiar with I-SPY books, they are pocket-size publications covering various locations and subjects, e.g. the street, the farm, pets, butterflies, etc., where the spotter was rewarded with points for spotting various things. I think my favourite as a child was called I-SPY on the Road which kept me from boredom on long car journeys. However, the one I have chosen to share today is called I-SPY in the Street. I particularly like the "Playing on Sundays is Forbidden" sign.

I-SPY in the Street

 I-SPY in the Street

 I-SPY in the Street, front cover
 I-SPY in the Street, back cover

What struck me about this book was the simplicity and innocence, which is definitely lost in many modern childhoods. It also made me wonder what an equivalent I-SPY in the Street book would include in today's world ... 5 points graffiti, 5 points for fast-food chain litter, 10 points for broken glass, and 20 points for a boarded-up show window perhaps. Although with all the gadgets and devices available now, I suspect many no longer even look further than their handheld device.

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