Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sepia Saturday 72: Vintage Air Mail magazines, 1960's

Firstly apologies to regular readers of this blog and Sepia Saturday who may be expecting another vintage Picturegoer magazine, but I've decided to take a break from these for a short time and share some other recent finds. A few weeks ago I came across these vintage Air Mail magazines, which is the journal of the Royal Air Forces Association. The magazines are quite specialist in nature and possibly only of interest to people connected with the Air Force, but some of the covers and adverts will almost certainly have a wider appeal. I think I still have the stamps advertised in the 25th Battle of Britain anniversary edition, although not on a First Day Cover. And for those of you wondering if there's any connection with Friday's Royal Wedding, there's not, although the Queen does feature on the 2nd cover, so that's close enough.

Front cover of Air Mail magazine, September/October 1965
Advertisement for First Day Covers for the 25th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain from Air Mail magazine, September/October 1965
Front cover of Air Mail magazine, March 1963
Back cover of Air Mail magazine, March 1963
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Friday, 15 April 2011

Vintage Picturegoer magazine - Alan Ladd, c.1943

Down to my last few of these Picturegoer magazine covers to share on Sepia Saturday, and this week's coverstar is US filmstar Alan Ladd. Once again this is not an actor with whom I'm familiar, but I have at least heard of a couple of his films, with his leading role in 1953's Shane probably being the most well known.

Picturegoer magazine, 10th July 1943 - front cover
Picturegoer magazine, 10th July 1943 - inside cover

Regular readers may wonder why I've used adverts from the inside cover rather than the back cover ... well, it seems that someone has cut out one of the adverts, or perhaps some sort of coupon, from this one. What struck me about the advertisements in this edition is that they seem in sharp contrast to each other, with government sanctioned adverts for war time austerity measures sat next to adverts for beauty products. But perhaps this is not hugely different from today when insurance adverts pop up during the breaks in kids' TV programmes.

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sepia Saturday 60: vintage photography booklets

I'm keeping on theme this week for my Sepia Saturday post and sharing some images relating to photography. Below are a handful of Focal Photo Guide booklets I picked up a few months ago. Not sure of the age but would guess early 1960's. The black and white covers with the red borders remind me of books I had as a child, which I'm guessing I must have inherited, where colour was used sparingly.

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Vintage 35mm photography magazine, c.1965

Having posted various covers from Picturegoer magazine over the past few weeks, I've decided that today for Theme Thursday's 'face' theme, I'm going to share a cover from a different vintage magazine. This is the 35mm Photography magazine from August 1965. Think it fits this week's theme of 'face' quite well.

35mm Photography magazine, August 1965

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