Sunday, 26 December 2010

Vintage Cult TV Paperbacks - U.F.O

This is a blog post I published back in 2010, but am recycling it for this week's Sepia Saturday. Whilst it's not sepia, it does fit nicely with the 'space' theme that Alan has suggested this week.

U.F.O. was another cult TV series I remember as a child. It seemed at times to have quite an edge to it, and I remember being distinctly scared by some of the episodes. The books were published in the early 1970's and set in the future, albeit only 1980, in a time when 'Unidentified Flying Objects race through the skies like bats out of hell, blasting... killing... vanishing to an unknown alien world'. I also vividly remember seeing various toys as a child, and although I coveted one, I never owned a S.H.A.D.O. vehicle. I imagine they are real collector's items today.

Having seen some re-runs fairly recently, the vision of what we would all be wearing in the future, remains quite amusing. Silver sting vest like all-in-one outfits, short skirts, purple hair with matching eye shadow, etc. As for the aliens, they were of course archetypal baddies, and only intent one one thing.

First UFO paperback, written by Robert Miall, c.1970
 Second UFO paperback, written by Robert Miall, c.1971

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Theme Thursday - Test

A more obvious choice for me for today's Theme Thursday of 'Test' would have perhaps been the Test Valley or the Test Way, which are not to far from where I live, but alas I couldn't find anything to hand. So, searching through my vintage magazine collection, I came across this Road Test report on the new Austin A40 Saloon de Luxe. The report was taken from the February 1959 edition of Motor Sport magazine.

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