Friday, 24 June 2011

Sepia Saturday 80: vintage advertisements

My poor vintage magazine blog has been a big neglected over the past few weeks as my attentions have been diverted to other things, such as my vintage postcard blog, and some optimisation of my own web site. So, for this week's Sepia Saturday, I've decided to search through my vintage magazine collection to come up with something. I didn't have to look through too many pages before I cam across something worth sharing. This page is taken from Picturegoer magazine, August 1944.

I think the contrast of advertisements is interesting. We can see entertainment, leisure and beauty on the left hand side, and savings, thriftiness and austerity measures on the right hand side.

I was however delighted to see that the film advertised, Two Girls and a Sailor is available on DVD ... although I was on dangerous ground with some of my search results !!


More vintage magazines can be found on my vintage magazines web page.
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