Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sepia Saturday 170 - vintage tea and coffee advertisements

I may have shared these vintage advertisements before, so apologies to those of you who have already seen them, but they do seem to fit rather well into this week's Sepia Saturday theme.

I love the words used in this first advertisement ... I wonder how many of us these days would used words like invigorating and wholesome to describe coffee. And what on earth does chaffless mean? Maybe it's referring to the tin, rather than suggesting that this particular brand of coffee won't give you a nasty chaffing.

Vintage advertisement for Blue Ribbon coffee
Vintage advertisement for Blue Ribbon coffee

I'm not sure I've ever had to apologise for my tea, but we have on occasions had to apologise for our water, as we live in a hard water area, and the odd limescale deposit can make its way into a cuppa every now and then.
Vintage advertisement for Blue Ribbon, Red Label tea
Vintage advertisement for Blue Ribbon, Red Label tea

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sepia Saturday 168 - falling in love (Ford Zodiac style)

I had planned to stay on theme for this week's Sepia Saturday, but on browsing through a few vintage magazines for a suitable image, I came across this advertisement. Admittedly I should have posted this in early February for a Valentine related theme, but I've missed that and next February is too far away. It's a vintage advertisement for the Ford Zodiac from the February 1959 edition of Motor Sport magazine.

Vintage advertisement for the Ford Zodiac, Motor Sport magazine, February 1959

They've discovered each other, and they're wonderfully happy ... as you will be, when you discover the Zodiac. Let your eye linger on elegant lines and lovely colours, single or two-tone ... the sumptuous interior, with soft leather seating, rich astrakhan carpets. Feel the power - fast, safe, and, if you wish, fully-automatic. Note the very reasonable cost and all the built-in extras. You'll know ... you and the Zodiac are made for each other!

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