Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sepia Saturday 118 - Going Out

This week's Sepia Saturday theme of Going Out had me baffled for a short while. I knew I had pictures of people dressed for an occasion, but the big question was where. As I leafed through some 1940's editions of Picturegoer magazine, I came across this vintage advertisement for Henry C.Miner's Liquid Make Up, featuring 2 people obviously going out somewhere. Click on the image to enlarge ... the text makes for an amusing read.

Vintage advertisement for Miner's Liquid Make Up, Picturegoer magazine, c.1941


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sepia Saturday 117 - Uniforms

Well, despite my various pile of old magazines, postcards and general junk, I don't seem to be able to find anything to stay strictly on the Scout theme for this week's Sepia Saturday. So, I have ended up stretching the theme slightly by sharing a couple of pictures of people in uniforms. These pictures are from a 1941 edition of the Picturegoer magazine, and show scenes from Fred Astaire's You'll Never Get Rich. Two of the three pictures feature uniforms of one sort or another, and in fact when I first looked at the one in the top left-hand corner, I did initially think it was the Scouts. I'm not sure what uniforms the girls are wearing in the final picture on the page though ... guess I'll have to watch the film to find out, but Fred seems pretty pleased with what the magazine describes as a bevy of beauty.

Picturegoer magazine, November 1941


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Z Cars paperback, c.1965

Whilst creating a Pinterest board for my Cult TV paperbacks, I realised that there were a few in my collection which I had not shared on this blog. And, as I always seem to be apologising for the sporadic content on this blog, this seems like an excellent opportunity to put both right.

The Cult TV series depicted on the paperback below is none other than Z Cars. During my research into finding some additional information to share, I was under the, apparently common, illusion that the series was called Z Cars because of the Ford Zodiacs and Ford Zephyrs used. Turns out it was actually based on a fictional call sign. Reading more into the history it seems that a staggering 799 episodes were made between 1962 and 1978, which I find hard to believe. What's a huge shame however is that many of these seem to have been wiped. Whilst we seem to get regular re-runs of other Cult TV classics like The Avengers, The Sweeney, etc. I'm not sure I've ever seen Z Cars other than when it was originally released.

Z Cars - Barlow on Trial, front cover of paperback, c.1965

Z Cars - Barlow on Trial, back cover of paperback, c.1965

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