Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sepia Saturday 156 - a kiss

A bit rushed for time this week, but just a few minutes before I need to go and catch the train into London. I was initially stuck for a kiss related picture for this week's Sepia Saturday but then I remembered my Picturegoer magazines, which had a few to choose from.I eventually decided on this picture of Errol Flynn and Faye Emerson in the 1944 film Uncertain Glory. Not quite as passionate a kiss as in Alan's theme-setting picture, but probably I guess what was called romantic or charming at the time ... although Flynn does look like a bit of a cad or a bounder in this shot.

Errol Flynn and Faye Emerson in Uncertain Glory, Picturegoer magazine, August 1944

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sepia Saturday 155 - men in overalls

I've taken this week's Sepia Saturday theme at face value, and am sharing a few vintage advertisements featuring men in overalls. They all come from the March 1960 edition of Motor Sport magazine. I particularly like the advertisement featuring the petrol attendant. A small glimpse of the sort of service we used to get in the UK many years ago, which has now largely been replaced by surly staff sitting in the warm, behind a till asking if you want any half-price chocolate today.

Vintage advertisement for Filtrate Colloidal Oils, Motor Sport magazine, March 1960

Vintage advertisements for Jubilee Clips and National Petrol, Motor Sport magazine, March 1960

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