Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sepia Saturday 156 - a kiss

A bit rushed for time this week, but just a few minutes before I need to go and catch the train into London. I was initially stuck for a kiss related picture for this week's Sepia Saturday but then I remembered my Picturegoer magazines, which had a few to choose from.I eventually decided on this picture of Errol Flynn and Faye Emerson in the 1944 film Uncertain Glory. Not quite as passionate a kiss as in Alan's theme-setting picture, but probably I guess what was called romantic or charming at the time ... although Flynn does look like a bit of a cad or a bounder in this shot.

Errol Flynn and Faye Emerson in Uncertain Glory, Picturegoer magazine, August 1944

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  1. Charming, yes. I wonder if men kiss women's hands today.

  2. I can't speak for all but it's been years since my hand was kissed.

  3. @Wendy
    I am told that one is not supposed to touch the lady's hand but you have to hover over the hand...
    It is evident that we never met ;)

  4. Peter, you're a charmer.
    I wouldn't trust a word Errol said!

  5. "Hover" over her hand? Gosh, Peter, I have an image of your head circling around and around....anyway, it seems like a rather unsanitary practice!!

  6. I've had my hand kissed. . . I'm always suspicious of hand kissers. . . and a** kissers.

  7. It may be her hand, but it's their eyes that spark. I suppose the old cinema magazines provide a real timeline on the evolution of the kiss, regular or hand style.

  8. Ah where have all the cads and bounders gone to? I always quite fancied growing up to become a bounder - but by the time I reached maturity they had vanished as a breed.

  9. I have not seen this film so thanks for posting the image. I'll keep an eye open for it.


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