Friday, 22 October 2010

Sepia Saturday - vintage 35mm photography magazines

Another variety of vintage magazine this week, where it's time for a brief posting on vintage photography magazines. I picked up 6 or so of these magazines dating back to 1965. These 2 covers are my favourites. The magazines themselves are, if I'm honest, a little dry and factual, but there are some great vintage advertisements which, had I not spent all week dealing with the 'business prevention department' at work, I may have had the time to include.

35mm and sub-miniature photography magazine, c. February 1965
35mm and sub-miniature photography magazine, c. March 1965

More vintage magazines can be found on my web site


  1. Great post. My daughter told me she has ordered me a photography subscription for Christmas. Hooray.

  2. Were they famous models, or just unknown subjects for the photographer? Very iconic and oh, so sixties!


  3. Wow, a magazine I've never heard of, and if I do say so myself, that's unusual!

  4. They look like they're a small trim size which makes them very interesting. Almost a pocket photography magazine.

  5. Kat - I did look for any notes inside the covers to find out who the cover stars were, but it just had the photographer's name which makes me think they were unknown ... although they do look familiar ... maybe it's the iconic style that makes us think they're someone famous.

    Silver Fox - glad to have found something new to you.

    Tattered and Lost - they are A5 size, so not quite pocket size, although at the same time I found these, I also picked up a handful of 'Focal Photo Guides' which are more pocket size (about the same size a a modern postcard).

  6. What a cool magazine! The covers are amazing..I want to do my eyeliner like her! ;)

  7. Of course they would use "perfect" photographs on the cover of a camera magazine, right? I find these photographs amazing - so clear and detailed.

  8. I find a lot of photography magazines still a little dull. Talent, composition, and good use of what ever camera you own is essential. It takes practice and skill so listing all the f stops and the like of the things get to be ho hum. Great old photo covers.

  9. my, so '60s!!!
    nice find!!!


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