Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Top Gear, eat your heart out

Following on from my previous post from the March 1959 edition of Motor Sport, I thought I'd go back a little further in time and share some of the great advertisments form the April 1957 edition of Motor Sport magazine. These are just three from the magazine which also featured articles called 'The Parliamentary Debate on the British Motor Industry' and 'Top Men in Speed Say This New Tyre is a Winner'.

 Motor Sport magazine, April 1957

Advertisement for Courtaulds High-Tenacity Rayon - the World's Leading Tyre Cord

Madame AndrĂ©e Jan, here seen hanging by her teeth from a helicopter over Derby airfield on June 17th 1956, was suspended with perfect safety by a cord only 1/4 inch thick ... 

Advertisment for the Morris Minor 1000 ... 0-60 mph in 28 seconds

Advertisment for the Triumph T.R.3

T.R.3 versus Aeroplane ... and the Triumph T.R.3 won! So, I'd always thought that having carzy races between planes and cars was a Top Gear invention but it looks like the fun was to be had at least 40 years beforehand, albeit that this challenge was done on fuel consumption with the Triumph running at 43 mpg as opposed to the Auster J4's 22.1 mpg ... I wonder if The Stig was driving.

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