Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jazz Journal - Lucky Thompson, July 1962

Welcome to the seventh in a series of ten postings which share my recently found Jazz Journal magazines from the early 1960's. The cover star for the July 1962 edition is Lucky Thompson. Thompson was a jazz saxophonist, born in 1924 in South Carolina. Unconventional by the standards of his contemporaries, he was suspicious of the music business, being quoted as describing record companies and promoters as parasites or vultures.

Jazz Journal, July 1962, cover star Lucky Thompson
 Jazz Journal, July 1962, advertisement for Vogue jazz

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Other posts in the series include ...
  1. Memphis Slim, March 1961
  2. Dave Brubeck, February 1961
  3. Cab Calloway, May 1961
  4. Peggy Lee, September 1961
  5. Erroll Garner, January 1962
  6. Coleman Hawkins, February 1962
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  1. what an array of some fabulous musicians and singers!

  2. With my love of jazz, I particularly love this series. As with so many old magazines, it is not just the cover pictures it is the detail on the inside pages that is so fascinating.

  3. Have never heard Lucky before; others in your series are old favorites of mine: Brubeck, Calloway, Peggy Lee, Coleman Hawkins and, most especially, Erroll Garner, who had a way of using diminished seventh chords that wrenched my heart out! Ah, jazz!

  4. Wasn't familiar with your series, but now I want to check out previous posts!

  5. Oh, you took the same route as I did! Your first four magazines were issued the year I was born. I feel quite old now.

  6. What a nice cover of the magazine you choose to show us
    I think they are much more interesting than the modern day ones

  7. brought back many happy memories of sitting in dives in the Cross listening to the smooth jazz and feeling very sphisticated...

  8. How wonderful. What a great idea and how lucky you are to have them.

  9. Jazz is so widespread! I adore it all.

  10. My dad started his record collection around 1962, so I grew up listening to Coleman Hawkins, Peggy Lee, Erroll Garner, and especially Dave Brubeck. I recently downloaded his mp3 album "Time Out" which remains a classic for me as much as the music of Mozart or Beethoven. I wonder if collecting digital ephemera of old webpages will have the same appeal as these magazines in 50 years.

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