Monday, 4 June 2012

Jazz Journal - Dave Brubeck, February 1961

For the second installment of the ten, early 1960's Jazz Journal magazines I picked up a few weeks ago, we turn our heads and ears to Dave Brubeck, who graces the cover of the February 1961 edition. Dave Brubeck is a jazz pianist, born in California in 1920. He is probably best know for the Dave Brubeck Quartet which he started in 1951 with Paul Desmond, during which time he regularly released up to four albums per year. In addition to 'regular' albums, he produced a jazz musical and appeared in the film All Night Long, which also starred Patrick McGoohan (later to become famous for his roles in Danger Man and the Prisoner). As a Patrick McGoohan fan, this is one I will be checking out.

Jazz Journal, February 1961, front cover

Jazz Journal, February 1961, back cover

Compared to other magazines of the era, the advertisements in Jazz Journal are all very serious, as can be seen in this advertisement for a glorified record player.

Decca stereogram advertisement

Dave Brubeck on ...


Dave Brubeck on ...

This is part two of a ten part feature. Part one featured Memphis Slim


  1. I guess everybody knows Take Five, superb music! I would love to have such a vintage 1960s audio furniture in my living room.

  2. My dad discovered Dave Brubeck about this same time, and his music was a kind of soundtrack to my youth. However I prefer to keep a complete Brubeck discography and more on my MP3 player than a have a bulky stack of records to sort through for a "stereogram".


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