Thursday, 19 May 2011

Theme Thursday: Gossip

Sometimes when I see a Theme Thursday theme, something leaps instantly to mind. This week however was not one of those weeks. Gossip has never been one of my strong points (or weaknesses). I'm nearly always the last to know what's going on in the office. My music and postcard collections did not come to the rescue this week either, but I did manage to find something in my vintage magazine collection which almost fits the bill. It's a section in 1 1945 edition of Picturegoer magazine called, 'Between You and Me by The Editor', and is probably the nearest thing to gossip I can lay my hands on.

Note to self - must try harder next week.

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  1. You can bet there was plenty of drama in the day ... and with drama - someone always manages to start or continue rumors which turn into gossip or is it the other way around? :-)

  2. Oh I think gossip was alive & well back then so nice post!

  3. Nice, theme-appropriate photos.

  4. Greetings From Southern California

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    Have a Nice Day :-)


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