Friday, 25 March 2011

Vintage Picturegoer magazine, c.1943, Anna Neagle

Thought I'd share another of my recent Picturegoer magazine finds. This one is from May 1943 and features Anna Neagle as the coverstar. As seems to often be the case with these 1940's coverstars, I had not heard of her. A quick bit of research showed that actually she was a big name at the time, appearing in 10's of films between 1930 and 1959, including Goodnight, Vienna in 1932, Nell Gwyn in 1934, and Lilacs in the Spring in 1954, the latter co-starring alongside Errol Flynn. It looks like a lot of Anna Neagle's films are available on DVD, so perhaps it's worth having a few on the shelf to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon in front of the fire.

Front cover of vintage Picturegoer magazine, c.1943

And of course, the vintage advertisements on the back cover of the magazine are also fascinating. There's quite an impressive selection here but my favourite is the one for Odol, top left corner, which reads 'Keep smiling, even if you're running with risks. But don't run risks with that precious Odol smile'.

Back cover of vintage Picturegoer magazine, c.1943

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