Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sepia Saturday 124 - vintage travel, by boat and train

As this week's Sepia Saturday showed a picture of a train, this seemed like the ideal opportunity to share a few vintage railway advertisements. These all come from Hampshire and Dorset guide books of the 1920's, but the locations they are advertising are much further afield, and cover the Great Western Railway, Scotland, Holidays on the Continent, and The Far East, South Africa and Australia ... although please note that the Blue Funnel Line is For First-Class Passengers Only ... but presumably means that one would need a first class ticket rather than needing to be a first class person.

Vintage advertisements for the Blue Funnel Line, the Great Western Railway and Scotland, c.1920's

Vintage advertisements for Southern Railways, c.1920's

Vintage advertisements for the London and North Eastern Railway, and Southern Railways, c.1920's

More vintage material can be found on my vintage postcards and my vintage magazines we pages



  1. Love the advert for the London & North Eastern Railway - "on the drier side of Britain."

  2. I love old ads -- I get a good idea of what advertising was like before lawyers got too involved.

  3. It always sounds so exotic to say, "I'm taking a cruise to the Far East."

  4. I love old advertisements and I particularly love these because I am in love with Scotland! Thanks for sharing!


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