Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sepia Saturday 83: The Road to Sunshine

My plans for taking a day trip to the coast on Sunday seem to have been dashed by the weather forecast which appears to predict rain all weekend. Instead we'll probably end up going to London for the day and take in some museums. Depending on how many of the family come will depend on the mode of transport. Ideally I'd like to go by train as it's much less hassle, but the tipping point comes quite quickly when there's more people. Since a kid, I've always had a soft spot by railways but must admit to finding today's railways, stations and trains a little less romantic than when I was younger (although some of the recent restoration works at St Pancras and Paddington are looking impressive). But even the way train travel was described in the early part of the 20th century sounded idealistic and romantic. For my entry to this week's Sepia Saturday I'm trying to recapture some of that by sharing these vintage advertisements taken from a 1920's guide book.

As usual, more vintage magazines and vintage postcards on my web site

And it would seem that if the spate of recent TV programs and books is anything to go by, I'm not the only person who dreams of returning to the age of the train. Both Julia Bradbury and Michael Portilo have presented excellent TV series over the past few months. These are possibly still available on iPlayer, but if not the accompanying series books are readily available, and what's really excited me is that Bradshaw's 1907 Railway Map is also available ... all aboard.



  1. How exciting; I do like the idea of visiting the Haunts of Great Men!

  2. The "drier side of Britain"? Ha! How about "not as damp as other places".

  3. Michael Portillo came through our little town, which was very exciting, or would have been if I'd known at the time. I agree about St. Pancras, it looks fantastic now.

  4. I still recall the series Michael Palin did of going around Britain by train. Really enjoyed that show. Alas, not even one train goes through my county anymore.

  5. Indeed, I'm ready to jump onto one of those trains to see the beauties of England. The write-ups make it very enticing. I hope you have a pleasant time with your family on Sunday.

  6. I must admit I have been captivated by the Portillo series. hope you are having good weather today (Sunday) for your trip out.

  7. Travelling by train is not as romantic as it used to be...

  8. Yes, I would love to go on a long train trip, in an elegant sleeper car, please. I hope you have (or had) a good time at the museums.

  9. shoo-shoo!!
    sadly, trains make me sick.
    planes, no problem except sometimes at landing when my sinuses want to explode...
    boats, no problem whatsoever.
    but trains? it never misses!! even if i like them...
    oh well!!


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