Saturday, 27 November 2010

Vintage illustrated guide book of Swanage and South Dorset

I've been meaning to blog about these wonderful illustrated guide books I picked up last summer for some time now but for some reason have only just got around to it. The books are all published by Ward, Lock & Co., and come in a red, linen type cover. They date around 1929 or 1930 and offer a fascinating glimpse into tourism of 90 years ago. There are articles on all the local chutches in each area, restautants, hotels, steam boat rides, railway routes (many of which are now sadly long gone), detailed, fold-out maps, and of course some wonderful adverts. For today I've decided to share the Swanage and South Dorset guide.

Front cover of Swanage and South Dorset guide

Various adverts from the guide book

Advert for Wright's Coal Tar soap

Back cover of guide book

As always, other vintage books and magazines, and also vintage postcards can be found on my web site


  1. This book is so wonderful. I have a few that I need to clean up before I can even open them. They aren't guidebooks but they are the same era. Neat blog.

  2. What a treat to see this old book. Very cool!

  3. Fabulous! "Eastern Foam - the Cream of Fascination"!! Straight out of Robyn Hitchcock - or rather the other way around.

  4. @Sean - always a pleaseure to find someone else who like Robyn Hitchcock !! Have just reacquainted myself with "I Often Drem of Trains" having had it on vinyl for years but not played in ages, I now have the deluxe CD version :-)

  5. So cool! I just love old books. Thanks for sharing.



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